Introducing 1-855-MYELEKTA

Elekta is pleased to announce the launch of 1-855-MYELEKTA, a central, toll-free number that customers in North America may use to reach service and support for linear accelerators, Leksell Gamma Knife®, oncology information systems, treatment planning software and more. Simply call this one number to reach support throughout the entire company.

  • Press 1 for linear accelerators, including upgrades, accessories, patient positioning and immobilization.
  • Press 2 for neuroscience, including Leksell Gamma Knife, stereotactic systems and Elekta Neuromag®.
  • Press 3 for oncology information systems including Multi-Access, MOSAIQ®, IntelliLab® or cancer registry software.
  • Press 4 for treatment planning software.
  • Press 5 for pathology software.